Ethical Accountants

Environmentally Friendly Accountants

The accounting profession traditionally has consumed a large amount of paper. Through the use of technology such as electronic file storage, digital signatures and our client portal, we have significantly reduced our paper usage.

We also participate in a plant a tree program where for every business tax return we lodge, we plant a tree through Carbon Neutral.

If you would like to help the environment by offsetting your carbon use or participating in a plant a tree program click here to see which Carbon Neutral program suits your business.

Supporting Local Jobs

Many accounting firms are putting profits ahead of clients and local jobs by sending work offshore. We believe that the integrity of our work and the customer service we provide you must always come first and therefore we will not send any of your work offshore. It is important for us to keep close to your numbers and to ensure their accuracy, to be able to give you the best advice and planning possible.

We also believe it is important to support local accountants and to give them the training and supervision that is required to provide quality advice.

We further support local jobs by providing our clients with the best advice to help their business grow.

Supporting the Community

We believe in giving back to the community. We have been a member of the Quarter Club for over a decade which supports Australian Olympians and Paralympians.

Our Managing Director, David Johns has participated in a number of charity walks including the Sandakan Death March for Little Heroes.

Ethical Accountants

As Chartered Accountants we follow the Ethical and Professional standards set out by the Australian Professional & Ethical Standards Board. The core principles of these standards are:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Professional Competence & Due Care
  • Confidentiality &
  • Professional Behaviour

We are also subject to a quality review by Chartered Accountants Australia & NZ which ensures we are following best practice in protecting your interests.