How can I go carbon neutral?

Dec 12, 2016

We have recently started a plant a tree program through Carbon Neutral in which they plant a tree on our behalf for every business Tax Return we lodge. There are many potential benefits to offsetting or reducing your greenhouse gas emissions including:

  • Saving money through reduced energy use
  • Helping the environment and reducing your impact on climate change
  • If you are a business, show your customers that you are environmentally responsible
  • Potentially offer carbon neutral products and services as an alternative for environmentally conscious consumers.

If you wish to be Carbon neutral you'll need to either prevent your emissions from happening in the first place or purchase carbon offsets to offset any remaining emissions. The first step to becoming carbon neutral is finding out how much greenhouse gases you are emitting by measuring your carbon footprint

If you purchase enough carbon offsets to offset all of your emissions you can apply to be certified as carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard Carbon Neutral Program. This enables use of the official carbon neutral certification trade mark.