Eligibility for JobSeeker payments expanded for those who have Partners who still earn income

Mar 31, 2020

The income test for JobSeeker payments has been temporarily adjusted for those who have a partner who is still earning income.

Any Australian who loses their job will be eligible for the JobSeeker payment as long as their partner earns less than $79,600, which is up from $48,000 previously. Any entitlement to the JobSeeker payment will mean you are also entitled to the full JobSeeker supplement of an additional $550 per fortnight on top of whatever your JobSeeker entitlement is. A full entitlement is around $1,100 per fortnight.

It should be noted that anyone who is receiving the new JobKeeper payment, will not be eligible for the JobSeeker payment. The JobKeeper payment is worth around $400 more per fortnight and more if you only have a partial entitlement to JobSeeker.